first-in-class preclinical program

The first family of antibiotic candidates from the DEINOVE bacteria collection

In January 2017, the DEINOBIOTICS subsidiary filed two patent applications for a new antibiotic structure from the DEINOVE strain library. This antibiotic candidate, called DNB101, is the subject of characterization studies to clarify its mechanism of action and its potential therapeutic targets.

Other compounds, derived from new strains or derivatives of this first molecule, are under study. An improved version of DNB101, called DNB102, has been developed thanks to DEINOVE's lead optimization platform, which exploited its genetic engineering skills to develop optimized pharmaceutical molecules.

These first molecules validate the potential of the DEINOVE strain bank for the discovery of new molecules, as well as the expertise of DEINOVE in the discovery of these molecules. DNB101 is derived from a strain of Microbacterium arborescens already studied in the past by other actors, but whose antibacterial power had not been revealed.


Strains MIC90 (µg/mL)* Strains MIC90 (µg/mL)*
S. aureus [MSSA & MRSA] 2 C. difficile 0.125
S. epidermidis [MSSA & MRSA] 0.5 >P. acnes 0.03
E. faecium [Vancomycin S & R] 0.5 E. coli >4
E. faecalis >4 P. aeruginosa >4
S. pneumoniae 0.125 C. albicans >4

* MIC90 : minimum inhibitory concentrations required to inhibit the growth of 90% of organisms